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Environmental Policy

Mary Kay's mission is to enrich women's lives. As a global corporation, we understand that our influence is far reaching. By promoting and implementing sustainable operations, we have a positive impact on the quality of life of our employees, the Mary Kay Independent Sales Force, consumers and future generations. We commit ourselves to a positive legacy of environmental sustainability through pollution prevention, resource conservation, regulatory compliance, and continual improvement.

To achieve our goals:

  •  We will educate employees and the Mary Kay Independent Sales Force on the benefits and impact of environmental sustainability and their individual opportunity to contribute to environmental excellence.
  •  We will strive to apply the best principles and practices of preventing pollution, halting pollution at the source whenever and wherever possible; recycling and conserving natural resources.
  • We will comply with all applicable environmental and other legal requirements governing our operations, products, and services.
  •  We will review our environmental performance objectives on an annual basis and continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We will share information regarding our environmental sustainability initiatives with our employees, the Mary Kay Independent Sales Force, our community and consumers.


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