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I love the freedom, flexibility and income potential.

About Me

From: Dover, Del.

I have one son, Larry, and I love to read. My favorite book is The Dream Giver.

I'd rather be:

In Alaska!

Before Mary Kay:

I was a school counselor.

What my Mary Kay family means to me:

They're my extended family. All of my family lives in other states, so it's only my son and I in Delaware. My Mary Kay family gives me the support and encouragement you miss when your family lives far away. I truly love them.

I started my Mary Kay business because:

All of the Mary Kay women seemed to have fun and really like what they do.

I wanted the extra money to:

Afford a vacation and do some traveling.

How my Mary Kay business has changed my life and me:

My son is very proud of me and sees me as a strong business-woman as well as his mom. It inspired him to start his own business and open a recording studio. For me personally, my confidence has increased, my self-esteem has improved, and most of all, I have experienced tremendous personal growth.

Why this business is recession-proof:

No matter what the economic climate, women want to look good. It seems to me as long as little girls are being born this business makes sense.

"This business makes sense."

Mary Kay's mission to enrich women's lives inspired me to:

Donate a kidney.

My three top-selling products are:

TimeWise® Miracle Set®, TimeWise® Firming Eye Cream and Mary Kay® lip color.

Why my customers love me:

I give samples in their orders, special gifts with purchase, follow-up phone calls every two months and hostess celebrations. I want to let them know they're special, and I appreciate them.

How I give personalized service:

I have one customer who enjoys personal attention, so I call her for quick on-the-go appointments to share new products. Another customer prefers to simply reorder what products she is accustomed to using with less one-on-one time, so I put samples of new products in her order with a personal note. She still gets to try new products, but in a way that works for her.

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