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Freedom to design my day and my life.

About me:

From: Memphis, Tenn.

Married to Rich for 22 years; three kids: Colin, Cameron and Courtney; PTSA Chair for our local high school.

I'd rather be:

Reading! Some people collect things; I collect information.


Watching my son play football, listening to my daughter sing, spending time with family, Forrest Gump.

I'd most like to meet:

Nelson Mandela. It would be incredible to talk with a man who dedicated his entire life to making life better for others.

I most admire:

My mom. She raised five daughters alone after my father died. She taught me perseverance, positivity and the ability to bounce back. I use all of these in my business.

Before May Kay:

I was an account executive for a Fortune 500 company. I was trying to climb the corporate ladder and raise a family at the same time. I had no balance.

I found out about Mary Kay:

On a TV news program. I was impressed. When the time came that I needed to stay home with my kids, Mary Kay gave me the opportunity to do that.

"I was impressed."

Independent Beauty Consultant tip:

Look for a woman's skin care and cosmetic need and fill it. Wow your customers with exceptional service.

Why does Mary Kay rock?

I get to sell a quality product and represent a company with a great reputation. I also get to build lifelong relationships with my customers whom I help look and feel great every day.

"Customer Service Rules"

I learned how to sell:

By listening to CDs from the top Independent Sales Directors. It fits into my crazy schedule.

Biggest challenge:

When I started, I had a two-month-old, a two-year-old and a demanding full-time job. I had to learn balance.

Biggest strength:

Expecting the positive. I work with the belief that when I sow seeds on fertile ground, I will reap a harvest.