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I discovered that Mary Kay® is for the modern-day woman!

About me:

From: Chicago, Illinois

I'm divorced with no children. It's just me and my dog and many family members!

My fave things:

Speaking fluent French and Creole, salsa dancing, entertaining and fundraising.

Before starting my Mary Kay business:

I developed home décor products, owned a catering business with a partner and was about to start a bridal-consulting business.

Why I became an Independent Beauty Consultant:

My love for people! I'm a born leader, a people magnet and a social butterfly. People give me energy!

Early obstacles:

Discovering that Mary Kay® is for the modern-day woman! Mary Kay® is hip and chic and offers financial opportunity and life balance.

What I like most about my business:

Seeing women flourish and bloom as powerful, confident and beautiful. There's always room for personal and business growth.

My gift to women:

I breathe belief into other women before they believe in themselves.

"The sky's the limit."

How I've changed:

  • More feminine
  • Extremely confident
  • Passionate about what I do
  • Disciplined and positive
  • Discovered that the sky's the limit

When I think of the Company, I think:

Support! Mary Kay® is always innovating, creating, listening, supporting and believing in us.

What I say to others about a Mary Kay business:

Try it! Otherwise, you'll never know. There's little risk, and your mentors can help guide you on how to be successful.

Why Mary Kay rocks:

Time! I manage my schedule. I decide when to spend time with family and friends. I was able to take my 98-year-old grandmother on a cruise of a lifetime.