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To be successful, you have to love the product, the people and be willing to learn.

About Me:

From: Fayetteville, N.C.

Married with three children: 22, 20, and 3.

I'd rather be:

In Rome!


Spending time with my family, watching movies, It's a Wonderful Life, being involved with the Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Before Mary Kay:

I was a teacher and ran a beauty pageant business.

Fave part of Mary Kay:

I'm my own boss. Life is too short to have someone else telling you what to do.

For me, success means:

Growth. As long as I'm growing, I'm moving toward success. And Mary Kay has helped me do that!

When it comes to social responsibility:

I think it's extremely important. It means that our company cares and wants to take a stand to do what's right and good for mankind. It means the world to me, actually.

Why does Mary Kay rock?

It's not really the lipstick that changes lives. It's the lipstick that connects the two women together, and that's when change occurs. It's powerful, the way it works together. I love it.

"I love it."

Independent Beauty Consultant tip:

It takes three things to be successful in Mary Kay. You have to love the product, the people and be willing to learn.

Biggest challenge:

I was involved in too many different things. When I put more time and energy into my Mary Kay business, it made all the difference.

Biggest strength:

Not giving up easily

Follow Mary Kay:

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