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I'm able to design my life around my business.

About Me:

From: Mount Airy, Maryland

I have been married 19 years and have two boys: Shannon, 18; and Davonte, 13.

My fave things:

My favorite vacation destination is Florida, and my hobbies are fine dining, kickboxing and mentoring young girls.

Before starting my Mary Kay business:

I was a senior accounts representative, a model and an accessories business owner.

How I learned about Mary Kay:

My husband's mother was a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. He remembered how much fun, money and flexibility that she had and wanted the same for me.

My biggest obstacle to starting my Mary Kay business:

I was very shy and introverted. I had to learn to get out of my comfort zone. At the time, others believed in me more than I believed in myself.

What I like most about my Mary Kay business:

I love the new friendships and customers for life.

How this opportunity has changed me:

It gave me the opportunity to resign from corporate America, where it's very rare to find someone who will believe in you. I would not be the woman I am today had it not been for the heart of the women who are part of the Mary Kay family.

"There is no glass ceiling in Mary Kay."

What has surprised me the most:

The fact that the income potential was real. There is no glass ceiling in Mary Kay. I earn based on my effort, time, passion and desire.

My advice to someone considering a Mary Kay business:

Open your mind and open your heart to experience the beauty of Mary Kay. Inside every Starter Kit there is a dream come true. Believe it! Dream it! See it! You can achieve it.

Why Mary Kay rocks:

I'm able to design my life around my business. I never miss my son's football games unless I'm out of town, and I can participate in school activities and field trips, and do volunteer work.

My biggest supporter:

My husband. Had it not been for him, I would not have started my Mary Kay business.

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