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I'm an example of how Mary Kay changes lives.

About Me:

From: Caldwell, Idaho

I've been married to my husband, Javier, for 25 years. We have three children: Javier, our oldest son, our daughter Jessica, and our youngest, Cristian. They are my world – and they know it!

My fave things:

Family trips to the mountains near a river and spending time in my home state of Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

How I learned about Mary Kay:

I used Mary Kay® products in Mexico. I wanted to start taking care of my skin, which was always sunburned. I had already dealt with skin cancer and was afraid of it recurring. I kept the Company's 1-800 number and called when I moved to the United States. I was put in touch with my Senior Sales Director who never gave up on me and showed me I could do this business.

Why I knew I'd succeed:

I knew I was capable of undertaking this business, even though there were many obstacles. Our situation was not easy at all because we had no extra money.

I wanted the extra money for:

Paying my own personal expenses and help with household bills.

How I've changed:

I'm a woman with much more self-confidence and strength. I love challenges, and I'm not afraid of success because I believe in myself.

"I'm not afraid of success."

What has surprised me the most:

If it weren't for my Mary Kay business, we may have lost our home and cars after my husband lost his job. We like the lifestyle we have today. It's very comfortable thanks to the earnings of my Mary Kay business.

My three top-selling products:

TimeWise® Miracle Set®, TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set and TimeWise® Firming Eye Cream.

My advice to someone considering a Mary Kay business:

This opportunity is not just to be thought about but to be acted upon. I'm an example that it can be done. If you want to, you can do it too!

Why Mary Kay rocks:

I've seen how families are transformed by the Mary Kay opportunity. In this business, you're not the only one whose life changes – the lives of your entire family changes.

My biggest supporter:

My companion and husband, Javier, who supports me unconditionally. He's my right hand and without him, my Mary Kay business wouldn't be the same. He's the best husband and father, and he takes care of so many things!

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