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I was willing to start from scratch.

About Me:

From: Houston, Texas

Two sons, Joseph, 26, and Jeffrey, 8; and one daughter, Angela, 10.

I'd rather be:

In Las Vegas or New York City!


Music and dancing.

My favorite activity is:

To put my business aside for a day and volunteer for The Periwinkle Foundation Glamour Day. It's a summer camp for children with cancer. One day is dedicated to glamour. They get their hair and makeup done, and a photographer takes a photo that they can take home with them. It's a joy and an honor to help them feel gorgeous.

"My Favorite Party"

Why my customers love my parties:

They're short, sweet and to the point. I encourage my hostesses to do minimal work. Women are so busy that it's important that I show them that a Mary Kay business can fit into any lifestyle.

"Makes Women Feel Good"

Before starting my business:

I was in private practice as an OB-GYN.

I was looking for a change because:

I missed the first seven years of my oldest son's life while in medical school and residency and felt like I was missing my youngest children's lives as they were being raised and cared for by someone else.

As soon as I started my business:

I scheduled classes immediately and loved coming home to fill the orders. It was fun!

"It was fun."

How my life has changed:

I have girlfriends all over the country. It's a connection. Like when I met Sonya Murray, another Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, who became like family. She was later diagnosed with breast cancer, and four months after that, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Our bond strengthened, and I was with her until the end. I cherish those memories and embrace each of life's moments and the people in them.

My top three best-sellers:

Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, Mary Kay® Foundation and TimeWise® skin care.

What makes the Mary Kay opportunity different:

It has a proven track record and sustains itself even through challenging economies. When Hurricane Ike hit our area, things seemed to stand still for about a week. Then the orders started rolling in again. I knew that the women needed their products right away so they could feel clean and pretty and ready to deal with the tragedies facing their lives.

"It's a Proven Track Record"