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Changing looks and self-esteem!

About Me:

From: Manchester, Conn.

Single; no kids.

I'd rather be:

Anywhere in the Caribbean.


Dancing, shopping, travel, spending time with family and friends, The Secret, The Notebook.

Fave memory:

Classical ballet recitals and vacations on the beach with my mom.

Mary Kay helped me find:

My confidence! I discovered it through this wonderful business and knowing that my success depends on me.

I'd most like to meet:

Mary Kay because of her big heart, strength and intelligence. I'd thank her for leaving this legacy so we can change women's lives.

"Change women's lives."

My customers' fave:

Color! Eye color, lip gloss, blush - all of it.

Why I decided to sell Mary Kay:

Using Mary Kay® products helped me decide to sell the products because the products speak for themselves. They're fabulous!

Why does Mary Kay rock?

It gives all of us a world of unlimited possibilities. I love seeing the change in people's faces before and after their facials. It's great to help other women believe in themselves.

My fave product:

The beige Mary Kay® Concealer.

What changed my mind:

I was convinced by the changes I saw in my life. Not to mention the happiness and positive energy that surrounded me every day.

I am most proud of:

My dynamic and enthusiastic personality.