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I didn't want people to think I was pushy or always wanted something from them. 

About Me

From: Ellenwood, Georgia

I'm married to the man of my dreams, Temarcus. We have two sons: Jordan, 20, and Chace, 6.

My fave things:

Hawaii is my favorite vacation destination. My hobbies are reading, watching movies with my family and learning new things.

How I learned about Mary Kay:

I watched my godmother, Independent National Sales Director Emeriti Sonya Hunter Mason, change her family's life with Mary Kay. When I started a family, I wanted what I saw her create through Mary Kay.

Why I became an Independent Beauty Consultant:

I was a single mom and I wanted an opportunity that would allow me more time to spend with my son.

Early obstacles:

I didn't think I could sell anything. I didn't want people to think I was pushy or always wanting something from them. I realized quickly that I had the gift of a lifetime to give through Mary Kay.

What I like most about my business:

The time I'm able to spend with the people I love and enjoy.

How this opportunity has changed me:

Mary Kay has helped to change me totally for the better. I've grown by leaps and bounds in almost every way imaginable. I think I'm most grateful for my increased confidence and resilient spirit.

"I loved the products."

What has surprised me most:

What surprised me most was how much fun I was having and how much money women were willing to spend to take care of themselves. I was not a "glamour girl" before Mary Kay, so I really had no idea skin care and cosmetics were in such high demand.

My advice to someone considering a Mary Kay business:

Follow your heart and pay attention to how happy and fulfilled Mary Kay consultants are. This business is everything you are willing to allow it to become.

What Mary Kay connections mean to me:

The connections and friendships I've made through Mary Kay are so important. My most precious life memory is how Mary Kay filled my wedding day. Mary Kay Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors sprinkled in support everywhere.

Why Mary Kay rocks:

I know Mary Kay helped to save my oldest son's life. When he started having challenges in school and heading in the wrong direction, the flexibility of Mary Kay allowed my family to make the decision to home-school him for a few years to help him get back on track. I am forever grateful to the Mary Kay opportunity.

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