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It was a fun hobby.

About Me:

From: Hicksville, Ohio

Happily married to Greg, my biggest supporter, along with two daughters, ages 17 and 4, and a son, 11.


Golfing, walking and shopping with my family.

My biggest fear:

Was that people would laugh at the fact I was selling cosmetics. After all, I had a college degree and was a respiratory therapist in a large hospital. When I initially started my Mary Kay business, it was not to make it full time; really, it was for a fun hobby.

Who I won over:

My dad. I was very nervous to tell him I started my business. I was surprised when he said he knew Mary Kay is a good company. Then he said that I'd probably meet a boyfriend and quit. That motivated me to never quit.

What surprised me:

The sisterhood of friends. I did not have any family support when I started and felt very alone in my goals. Mary Kay allowed me to be surrounded by positive friends and mentors who encouraged me. While on the journey to build a successful business, I ultimately became a more confident and caring person.

What I love most:

Providing great customer service. It's so rewarding to have customers who truly become your friends.

"Love the Products"

My fave business tool:

My Mary Kay® Personal Web Site. It's an awesome way to expand my business nationwide. I have customers in other states who order from me online. It allows us to really have no territories in our business.

"I have customers in other states."

My passion:

Being a role model for my family, my sister Independent Beauty Consultants and my community is so important to me.

My advice on starting a Mary Kay business:

Go for it! I want to shout it out to all women: No matter what your situation, you can do it too!

"Take a Chance"

My fave splurge:

Taking my dad on vacation for his birthday to New Mexico. He'd always wanted to go there when I was a kid but couldn't afford it.