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I know what I do makes a difference.

About Me:

From: Dayton, Ohio

I'm married to one of my biggest supporters, Clifford.

My fave things:

Trips with my Mary Kay family, scrapbooking, photography and organizing things!

Before I started my Mary Kay business:

I had just graduated from college and was in my first year of teaching third grade.

My biggest concern about starting a Mary Kay business:

That I'd run out of women to share the products with. But when I started, I realized how fun and simple it is to build a customer base by building relationships and getting referrals from friends, family and customers.

I wanted the extra money for:

Help with paying bills, student loans and for a little savings.

How I've changed:

I have experienced so much personal growth from working my Mary Kay business. It stretches me and challenges me, which has made me a better person.

"It's made me a better person."

Why Mary Kay rocks:

I dare anyone to find something that can provide a woman and her family all that a Mary Kay business can. I know what I do makes a difference in the lives of others, which is very motivating to me.

What Mary Kay has meant to my family:

Freedom – both in time and flexibility. I am very family oriented and love being able to decide when and how much time I get to spend with my family.

What makes the Mary Kay opportunity different:

If offers women EVERYTHING they're looking for – flexibility, extra income, girlfriend time, the opportunity to travel, a chance to stay home with children, recognition, fun, personal growth. I could go on forever!

Why my business makes sense during tough economic times:

Cosmetics help to make women feel beautiful and confident, something women want, despite the economy. My business is thriving!

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