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Mary Kay is a company with a great heart.

About Me:

From: Santa Maria, Calif.

I'm married. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counseling.

I'd rather be:

In Spain!

Before Mary Kay:

I was a college counselor and never imagined that I would begin a Mary Kay business.

Who I look to for advice:

I believe you should take advice from people who have accomplished what you desire to accomplish. I choose to surround myself with successful people because they help me become an abundant, positive thinker.

Why my customers love me:

The personalized at-home service I offer. I've developed good relationships with my customers, so they are very comfortable and enjoy talking with me. So shopping with me is simply a visit from a friend. And they don't have to be inconvenienced by going to a store.

My biggest obstacle to starting my Mary Kay business:

Myself. I questioned whether I could be successful and never considered myself the "sales type." I was extremely surprised to realize that successful Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants focus on forming relationships rather than focusing on the sales.

What surprised me most about the Mary Kay opportunity:

That the Mary Kay business can be learned. It does not matter what your personality is like and what skills you come with. If you are willing to learn, you will have plenty of people that can teach you to be successful.

What I love most about my business:

It enables me to be my own boss but with ample guidance, offers me new and fun challenges and allows me to help others through a life-changing opportunity.

What my Mary Kay family means to me:

My Mary Kay family has played a tremendous role in my accomplishments. They provide a sense of unity, respect, love and support.

My three top-selling products are:

TimeWise® Miracle Set®, TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set and Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation.

How I've changed:

I always felt I had high self-esteem, but I noticed my self-esteem has increased even more since starting my Mary Kay business. It provides an opportunity to challenge yourself. It helps you become an abundant thinker. I love the person that I am becoming, and I'm excited about the transformations that I have yet to experience.

"I love the person I'm becoming."