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Maisha Bankhead. In college yo'ure not taught to find a job that empowers you.

About Me

From: Grand Prairie, Texas

I'm a single woman running my very own business!

My fave things:

Vacationing anywhere there is water, sun and sand; reading; dining at great restaurants; and a great love story!

Maisha Bankhead with friend

Why I love my Mary Kay business:

I love that there are no limits to where you can go. I started my business with a goal of just earning some extra money. As I continued with my business, my goals began to change and grow. I didn't have to ask for permission or wait for a promotion. I have the freedom and courage to dream big.

How I've changed:

This was just supposed to be a way to earn extra money, but it has become so much more. I'm not that shy 26-year-old with acne anymore. I love the business owner I've become. I love the woman I've become. This has been a journey toward financial freedom and also to realizing I had so much untapped potential.

My favorite Mary Kay party:

Beauty Brunches! Women love to look beautiful and we enjoy great fellowship. Plus, an event with good food never hurts!

Before Mary Kay:

I was in the real estate industry living paycheck to paycheck.

Why I started my Mary Kay business:

I knew there had to be more out there than just living to pay bills. And I believed the Mary Kay opportunity could be a vehicle to "more." In 2003 when I began my business, "more" meant money!

I wanted the extra money for:

I know money doesn't buy happiness, but I do believe it affords you choices. I was at a place in my life where my choices were limited. I wanted to pay off a student loan/credit card debt and have some fun money for me.

Maisha Bankhead with statue

"I'm not that shy 26-year old with acne anymore"

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My customers' top three must-have Mary Kay® products:

TimeWise® Miracle Set®, Satin Lips® Lip Set and Mary Kay® NouriShine® Lip Gloss.

 Mary Kay® NouriShine® Lip Gloss

My advice to someone considering making a change in their life:

I find that when you are serious about changing a situation, the strength comes from within. I knew that I deserved something more from life. And I was willing to do something a little out of my comfort zone to get it!

Maisha Bankhead with friend

What surprised me most about the Mary Kay opportunity:

How much fun I was having while earning money. Prior to Mary Kay, I did not associate earning an income with having fun. I was also surprised by the support I received from the other Independent Beauty Consultants and my Independent Sales Director. They believed in me until I could believe in myself. Sometimes I thought they wanted me to succeed more than I did. It is the best feeling knowing someone believes in you!