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Mary Kay means independence.

About Me:

From: Honduras; Arlington, Va.

Single, love my family, proud of the person I've become.

I'd rather be:

In Honduras!


Dancing, seeing new places, Vanity Fair, I Am Legend, Will Smith, being with family

When it comes to social responsibility:

For me, social responsibility is everything. I'm serious about going green and am proud that I belong to a company that's concerned about it too.

My customers' fave:

TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set

When I first heard about Mary Kay:

I didn't think it was for me. I thought I had better options at my young age.

"better options at my young age."

I changed my mind:

When I thought about my Mom. She had achieved so much in her Mary Kay career that I decided to do it too.

Why does Mary Kay rock?

I love that it's a company designed perfectly for women. I love that I have the possibility to change as many women's lives as I can and go as far as I want to go. I also love it when I see change in my customers and they tell me about it themselves, before I have a chance to ask.

My fave product:

Mary Kay® Intense Moisturizing Cream

Independent Beauty Consultant tip:

Customers love good customer service and little gifts. Give them that, and they'll come back to you.

Fave tools:

The Starter Kit, the Virtual Makeover and Color 101 Cards. You can play with color and practice.


When I started, I thought people weren't going to take me seriously because I was so young. I soon learned that was just a lack of self-confidence talking. When people saw what I was doing, they believed in me!


I work with all of my heart, and I'm very patient.

Follow Mary Kay:

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