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My lifestyle has changed for the better.

About Me:

From: Huntersville, NC

I'm married to one blessed man, Brad, and have three adult children: Jeffrey, 37; Johnny, 32; and Janaya, 21. I also have a 20-year-old granddaughter, Amanda, and a 13-year-old grandson, Jeffrey.

My fave things:

My favorite vacation destination is the Caribbean. What is my favorite book/magazine/movie? The Bible, Daily Word and Essence magazines and the movie Gremlins.

Before starting my Mary Kay business:

I was a Field Service Technician. I wired buildings with heavy-duty electric equipment! Now I wire women for success!

Why I became an Independent Beauty Consultant:

I initially wanted the extra income to pay off credit card debt. I love anything to do with beauty and my husband told me I would do well in sales because I loved people and people loved me.

What I love most about my business:

My lifestyle has changed for the better! Now my daughter Janaya, granddaughter Amanda and great niece Lyndsi are Independent Beauty Consultants.

How this opportunity has changed me:

I'm empowering women and showing them Mary Kay is a wonderful opportunity if you choose to start a Mary Kay business. I'm proof you can create your lifestyle with a Mary Kay business!

What has surprised me most:

It was about more than makeup!

"I wire women for success."

What Mary Kay connections mean to me:

When I think of Mary Kay, sisterhood comes to mind. We are truly a family.

Why Mary Kay rocks:

I am now able to care for my mother, who is 95 years young, and my 54-year-old brother Tony. It's truly a blessing to have the freedom and income!

My biggest supporter

My husband and family believing in me means everything to me!

My advice to someone considering a Mary Kay business:

I believe every woman in the world should really do Mary Kay for one year of her life! It will enhance life in so many ways!

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