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Mary Kay's dream has given me hope.

About Me:

From: Spring, Texas

A newlywed to my best friend, Peter, who supports me 110 percent. I have a big family that I love, with four brothers and one sister and parents and stepparents.


Traveling everywhere and watching movies, especially romantic comedies.

Why the Mary Kay sisterhood rocks:

We are a huge family! They are the most positive women I have ever known. We are all getting to grow and experience such a different yet amazing opportunity and lifestyle.

What makes the Mary Kay opportunity different:

It's a business where you actually help each other to become successful. Every other business is "dog-eat-dog." This is an opportunity filled with belief and love from everyone around you.

Why this business beats the
9-to-5 thing:

You're going to work hard your whole life. Why not work hard for yourself on your own schedule and earn as much as you want instead of someone else dictating your worth?

"The Income That I Need"

How I've changed:

I've truly grown into a strong, independent, more positive, confident woman. I see everything as "the cup is half full." This business has given me the courage to do anything I set my mind to.

"I've truly grown."

Best advice:

Don't let life step in the way of your creating a better one. Consistency is truly the key to success for this business.

Why my customers love my parties:

They can literally try everything from head to toe before they buy. And they can learn new things to create a new look.

"Women Love It"

Who is best suited to this business:

It's not for me to choose. I just share the opportunity with the world and let the individual decide whether she wants this amazing lifestyle.

Follow Mary Kay:

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