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The personal growth is priceless!

About Me:

From: Ten Mile, Tenn.

I'm married to the love of my life. He's funny, thoughtful and smart.

I most admire:

My mother. She raised me on the Golden Rule concept. So when I learned that Mary Kay's business model was founded on those same principles, I knew this was the business for me!

Before Mary Kay:

I was a broke college freshman.

I started my Mary Kay business for:

The fun, extra money and to make people feel good about themselves.

I wanted the extra money for:

"Fun" money, put gas in my car or buy a new pair of jeans.

What surprised me most about the Mary Kay opportunity:

That anyone can be successful. Sometimes it's not for the chosen few, but the few who choose to do the work and have a great attitude.

Why Mary Kay rocks:

I love the person I'm becoming every day. I love that I have choices — from flexibility to an unlimited earning potential.

At my first skin care party:

I was nervous and scared. But once I started smiling and sharing the products, it made up for my lack of knowledge and experience at the time. I felt empowered and confident that the products really do sell themselves.

"I felt empowered."

What The Mary Kay FoundationSM means to me:

I'm so proud to share with my customers what it represents because all women know other women who have been affected by either cancer or domestic violence. They're proud to buy products from a company of women supporting women during difficult times.

My three top-selling products are:

TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser, TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer and Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation.

My favorite Mary Kay party:

A skin care "dash out the door party." It's very interactive with lots of music, games, laughter and fun.

Why my customers love me:

I have their best interests at heart. I'm not going to sell products that they're not interested in purchasing. And they love the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

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