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Financial freedom, team-building, amazing products.

About Me:

From: Miami and Connecticut

Married; two great kids: one daughter (27) and one son (10).

I'd rather be:

On a cruise!


Singing, spending time with family, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

When I first started, my Mary Kay earnings went:

To pay off a large amount of debt within the first five months. Then it went to savings and paying the bills. Now, Mary Kay is our main source of income.

My customers' fave:

TimeWise® Miracle Set® and Mary Kay® Mineral Color Collection.

Independent Beauty Consultant tip:

Don't approach a person just to recruit them. Get them hooked on the product and then introduce them to the business. Also, use your e-cards!

I found out about Mary Kay:

At a skin care class. At first, I thought I was too cool for Mary Kay, but I went along with it. And then I fell in love with the products.

"And then I fell in love with the products."

Why does Mary Kay rock?

The sky's the limit! It's also great to sell a brand that's not only good for the skin but also comes from a company who has people's best interests at heart.

When I think Mary Kay, I think:

Freedom! I have financial freedom. It's great to write my own paycheck.

My fave product:

Everything TimeWise®.

I knew this was the opportunity for me:

When I realized how great the products were. If I didn't sell these amazing products, my friends would continue spending unnecessary money on higher priced brands.




My faith and love for people.

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