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Mary Kay rocks my world and turns it upside down.

About Me:

From: California, Delaware, Everywhere

Married for 16 years, two kids: Kelsey (15) and Joshua (12).

I'd rather be:

On the beach!


The Notebook, working out, reading, being with friends and family.

Fave memory:

Roller coaster ride with my dad

One thing I'd change about my experience:

I wish I would have started sooner!

I'd love to meet:

Mary Kay Ash.

Must-have product:

TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set – instant gratification!

When I first heard about Mary Kay:

I politely said, "No thanks." I was in college and couldn't see myself selling makeup.

What changed my mind:

I was working 50 hours in sales, had two kids under the age of 3, a husband I never saw and a really stressful life. A woman my age told me she was quitting her engineering job to sell Mary Kay full time. That spoke to me. I knew I needed a change.

"I knew I needed a change."

"Learn From Your Mistakes"

Why does Mary Kay rock?

The products work. And I get the job of mentoring some great women.

Fave event:

Our Christmas event. We adopt special friends with special needs at the Carmel Community Living Corporation.


  • Overcoming insecurity (on the inside!).
  • Growth – personal and financial.
  • Being my own boss.
  • Learning how to sell. Practice really does make perfect.
  • Being a better person than when I started.

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