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Discover Mary Kay’s list of the basic skin care and color every woman needs, even on a tight budget!

Beautiful Basics

When times are tough and money is tight, any responsible girl cuts back on luxuries. But some things are always going to be necessities. Here is a list of beautiful essentials.


Luscious Lips

NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss

Maybe you’re a gloss girl. This one lavishes your lips with color that’s saturated with moisturizers and conditioners like vitamins A and E. Pair it with lipstick or wear it alone.

Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick

Sometimes you just want to go for it! The long-wearing, stay-true color glides on with a lightweight, creamy texture for maximum color impact that lasts. Enhanced with vitamin E and a vitamin C derivative to help ward off wrinkle-causing free radicals.

True Dimensions® Lipstick

It’s like a color-infused fountain of youth for your lips! Intensely moisturizing. Exquisitely smoothing. Just a push of the clear, click-button top releases pure, radiant color from the ultrastylish case.

True Dimensions® Sheer Lipstick

Wear sheer confidence! Instantly drenches lips in moisture and locks it in for endless comfort. Infused with advanced skin care ingredients, and easy to wear on a variety of skin tones.

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