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Charlie Green

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist

Charlie Green

Makeup is the ultimate accessory. It’s not permanent, so it’s no big deal, so why not try something new? And color is fun. People wear clothes and hair in different colors, and this is an inexpensive way to change things up. It’s like reading a new book or new magazine. It’s a little pick-me-up.

Charlie Green, New York, N.Y.


Energetic, enthusiastic, expert: Charlie is all that and more – she’s a true professional who makes makeup fun, and her energy and exuberance make her a great addition to the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team.  Always in demand, she has the qualities that have taken her from the Serengeti in Africa to the Arctic Circle – and many fashion capitals in between. A native of England, Charlie studied in London, then worked as a makeup artist in Paris. She currently divides her time between New York and Scottsdale, Ariz. – and we’re thrilled to bring you her inimitable style and passion for creating beautiful faces to our Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team!



Charlie Green’s Signature Look

Charlie's Signature Look

Every great look starts with glowing skin! I love to help women create that glow by using a combination of bronzers, blushes and highlighters to bring out a luminous, dewy look.  For my signature sexy look here, a combination of neutrals on the eyes and face plus juicy lips create a look that can take you from day right through evening.


Apply MK Deep Brown eyeliner to upper and lower lashlines. Then add MK Deep Brown eyeliner over both lashlines, as close as possible to lashes. Soften with the Eye Color Brush.


Apply  Copper Glow mineral eye color to entire eyelid. Then apply  Granite mineral eye color from lashline to eye crease, concentrating color along the crease. Then lightly blend Hazelnut mineral eye color from lashline to brow bone.

130809 130814

Apply two coats of Lash Love® Mascara in I ♥ Black on upper lashes and one coat on lower lashes.


Sweep Shy Blush mineral cheek color on cheeks, and brush Sunny Spice mineral cheek color all over face as a bronzer.

120207 120210

Apply a sheer layer of Gingerbread creme lipstick. Then add Sun Blossoms lip gloss.

140314 140520
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