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Keiko Takagi

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist

Keiko Takagi

Color is the tool I need to express myself. I have some interesting innovative ideas for moving color forward with Mary Kay. I have a unique point of view of what is going on in Asia. So I’m happy to be part of the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team.

Keiko Takagi, New York, N.Y.



As a native of Japan, Keiko developed a deep appreciation for the colors, textures and endless variety she found in nature. She studied ballet as a child and became a backup dancer for popular singers in Japan. But Keiko’s true passion for makeup blossomed as she experimented with color at the makeup table backstage. Since then, designers, photographers and celebrity clients around the world have come to depend on her expertise and creativity with makeup.  Keiko believes that beautiful makeup begins with healthy skin, a philosophy that makes her a perfect fit on the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team.



Perfect Red Lips


It’s easy to get the classic and iconic red lip look with just a few products. Keiko shows you how to use the ever-versatile Clear lip liner and an ultra feminine shade of red lipstick to perfect a lasting look.


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