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Shawnelle Prestidge

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist

Shawnelle Prestidge

Without color, there are no possibilities. I think it’s really exciting to play with color. I feel that people are pretty multidimensional, and one look is not always suitable. I think color is for everyone, and I want that for everyone.

Shawnelle Prestidge, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Shawnelle fell in love with makeup when she discovered her mother’s “electric blue” eye crayon collection. From those first moments with color, her passion for beauty and makeup has fueled her career. Shawnelle’s experiences with trend forecasting, product development, training and education make her an exciting addition to the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team. Her creative abilities coupled with her grace and charm have made her a sought-after makeup expert. She’s been featured in television shows, as a magazine beauty editor and as a makeup artist for international beauty icons. Plus, her work and expertise have appeared in the pages of fashion magazines around the world, such as W, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire among many others. Now she’s ready to help you create your best camera-ready looks, too.



Shawnelle Prestidge's Signature Look

Shawnelle Prestidge's Signature Look

Because I’m part Asian, I have always been obsessed with finding flattering ways to bring out my eyes and enhancing them so they appear larger in a subtle way using neutral tones. Adding a pop of color to my mouth strikes a balance. This look makes me feel fresh, modern and pulled together.


Sweep Gold Coast mineral eye color all over eyelids. Apply Amber Blaze lightly onto eyelids from lashline to crease.  Sweep on Hazelnut mineral eye color from crease to brow bone and blend well.

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Apply Lash Love® Mascara in I ♥ Black to top and bottom lashlines.


Sweep on Sunny Spice mineral cheek color under cheekbones. Add Shy Blush mineral cheek color to the apples of the cheeks.


Apply Clear lip liner to top and bottom lip lines. Finish with Really Red creme lipstick on lips.

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