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Makeup Artist Looks: The Luminous Look

Illuminate all your best features with a simple, glowing look created by Global Makeup Artist Keiko Takagi.

Expert Tip: Working With Illuminators

Expert Tip: Working With Illuminators

Remember when applying illuminators like mineral highlighting powder to apply in light layers instead of one heavy application. Try tapping your brush onto the face instead of sweeping it across the face.

Apply Moonstone mineral eye color from lashlines to creases. Sweep on Granite mineral eye color in eye creases. Apply Crystalline mineral eye color to inside corners and brow bones. Blend all colors well.

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Apply Bronze eyeliner.


Coat lashes with Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black.


Dust Crystalline mineral eye color onto cheekbones, bridge of nose and the cupid’s bow of the lip. Sweep Desert Sun mineral bronzing powder onto the temples and hollows of the cheeks.

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Apply Pink Passion creme lipstick. Finish with Cream and Sugar lip gloss to the center of the lips.

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Meet Keiko Takagi

As a native of Japan, Keiko developed an artistic appreciation for the colors, textures and endless variety she found in nature. Now, she travels the world working with designers, photographers and celebrity clients who depend on her expertise and creativity.  Her experience makes her a valued member of the Global Makeup Artist Team.

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