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Follow these simple steps to perfectly shaping your brows.


Define Brows

Beauty Tip: Help Your Eyebrows Stand Out

Beauty Tip: Help Your Eyebrows Stand Out

To help eyebrows stand out, apply Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen along the brow bones and blend with your fingertip

Use a brow definer pencil or mineral eye color that matches or is slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow color. The Mechanical Mary Kay® Brow Liner in Blonde is a versatile shade that works on almost anyone.

Step 1

Start by using the mini spooley brush from the Mary Kay® Brow Tools to remove any excess foundation or powder from your brows and to brush them neatly in place.

Step 2

To apply the brow pencil, make short, light strokes with the pencil from the beginning of the brow to the arch.

Step 3

Use longer, feather-like strokes to finish the ends.

For a softer look, apply the multibenefit mineral eye color as a brow powder. Try such shades as Coal, Espresso, Hazelnut, Cinnabar or Sienna. Use your angled brush from the Mary Kay® Brow Tools to gently apply color and enhance brows.

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Step 4

Brows can then be brushed again to soften and blend.

Finish by brushing on Mary Kay® Brow Gel to lock in color and keep groomed brows in place, giving brows a fuller, thicker appearance.


Expert Extra: Fill in Sparse Brows

Learn now to frame your brows perfectly. 

Sparse brows can be filled in to make them look thicker. First, define the shape of the brows with a brow definer pencil in a shade lighter than your eyebrow color. Then, go over brows again with a pencil in a darker shade to emphasize the shape.


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