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Facial Highlighting Pen and Concealer

Perfect your flawless face to appear its most youthful. Start by lifting away shadows and concealing imperfections.

Expert Extra: Facial Highlighting Pen vs. Concealer 

Expert Extra: Facial Highlighting Pen vs. Concealer

A highlighting pen illuminates or draws an area or feature forward on the face. Concealer is best for covering scars and blemishes.

Apply Mary Kay® Concealer with the Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush*, a sponge or your finger to cover blemishes, scars or uneven skin tone. With a sponge or finger, use a dabbing motion, instead of a swiping motion, to prevent removing concealer. With a brush, use small strokes.

For age spots, blend concealer in with your natural skin tone by concentrating it only on the discolored area. Apply it to the dark area only and gently pat with your finger to blend.

For dark circles under the eye, apply concealer at the edge of the dark area and extend up. Never go below the dark area or you’ll lighten the skin you’re trying to match. Be sure to include the inside corner of the eyes and eyelids if necessary. For serious dark circles, you can use a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin’s natural tone.

For blemishes, apply a light “veil” of concealer directly to the blemish and use your ring finger to lightly pat around the edges to blend. Add a second layer if needed.

For scars, apply foundation primer to the scar area and follow with a light dusting of powder. Then apply concealer directly to scar and pat the edges with your finger to blend. Finish with another light dusting of powder to set.

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*For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to dedicate one brush for use with cream eye color and one brush for use with concealer.

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