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Indulge your dry skin in sweet simplicity, full of botanical goodness.

Mary Kay® Botanical Effects TM Skin Care

Taking care of your skin should be simple, easy and tailored to you. Meet Botanical Effects™ Skin Care: a simple, sensitive regimen infused with the goodness of botanicals personalized for your skin type to bring out its healthy radiance. Botanical Effects™ Skin Care is hypoallergenic and free of fragrance and synthetic dyes. Plus, the packaging is gentle on the planet, and the price goes easy on your budget.

Exclusive, antioxidant-rich botanical complex!

Every product in the Botanical Effects™ Skin Care Collection is formulated with:

Silymarin – commonly known as milk thistle
Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant that helps defend against environmental damage while helping to calm and soothe the skin.

Luo Han Guo – also called the “longevity” fruit
Luo Han Guo is known to contain potent antioxidants and also is believed to help promote healthy skin.


Bye-Bye, Dry!

Take dull skin to soft, hydrated happiness with botanicals combined specifically for your dry skin.

Flaxseed Extract – a rich source of fatty acids
Flaxseed is one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help moisturize and help relieve dry skin of discomfort.

Sea Kelp Extract – important for moisturization
A type of sea algae, sea kelp is a known source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids important for moisturization and skin balance.

 What women are saying about Botanical Effects™ Skin Care for dry skin:*

  • 92% said it provides immediate moisturization.
  • 89% said it leaves skin feeling comforted and silky smooth.
  • 87% said it reduces skin’s dullness.
flaxseed extract and sea kelp extract helps your skin say bye bye dry

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*Results reported during a one-week independent consumer study

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