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Learn all about how Mary Kay Ash inspired the Company’s 50th anniversary celebration and her One Woman Can™ philosophy.

Celebrating 50 Years of Giving Back!

Mary Kay Ash founded her Company 50 years ago with $5,000 and a dream of enriching women’s lives®.  In honor of this philosophy and in celebration of the Company’s Golden Anniversary, Mary Kay held its first-ever Global Makeover Day on March 8. Participants from around the world entered the global One Woman Can™ Makeover Contest for the opportunity to win grants of $5,000 to charities of their choice* benefitting women and children. From 225,000 entries, 49 grand prize winners from 28 countries were selected. Watch Video Now 

Learn all about how Mary Kay Ash inspired the company’s 50th anniversary celebration, including its Global Makeover Day and Global Makeover Contest.

One Woman Can™ be …

Inspired by Mary Kay’s belief in women, makeover contestants from around the world shared their One Woman Can™ messages during the global One Woman Can™ Makeover Contest. They talked about issues and outlooks close to their hearts, highlighted by words such as powerful, uplifting and liberated.

Meet the United States One Woman Can™ Makeover Contest Winners.

In the Mary Kay spirit of giving back, each global One Woman Can™ Makeover Contest grand prize winner in the United States received a $5,000 grant to a charity of her choice* benefiting women and children. Be inspired by her story and some of the other One Woman Can™ winner’s messages and how they plan to make a beautiful difference in the lives of others.

Tara K
One Woman Can™ be …TRANSFORMED

A terrible eating disorder nearly took my life when I was 19. My doctor told me she planned to speak at my funeral. Today I am healthy, happy, about to graduate summa cum laude from college and engaged to the love of my life. I will donate this money to the charity that saved me so it can continue to show young women they are beautiful and worthy of love.

Meet the Mary Kay Global Makeover Contest Winners and read their One Woman Can™ message. 
Amanda C
One Woman Can™ be …CONFIDENT

I want everyone to know that people with Down syndrome can contribute to society in so many ways. All people have their unique talents and gifts. I am a very confident young woman and an advocate for people with DS. If I win this contest, I will advocate for others and try to make a difference in the way that people perceive individuals with DS.

Meet the Mary Kay Global Makeover Contest Winners and read their One Woman Can™ message.
Rebecca H 
One Woman Can™ be …BRAVE

My hair, lashes and brows fell out at age 2 due to an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata. I wore hairpieces, but replacing my lashes and brows was difficult. Overcoming this as women takes bravery because how we look makes a difference in how we feel. I want to inspire girls to be BRAVE enough to be “bare” by turning their burdens into blessings.

Meet the Mary Kay Global Makeover Contest Winners and read their One Woman Can™ message. 
Joanie D
One Woman Can™ be …HERSELF

I truly believe we must share the best part of ourselves and encourage and pass on a little bravery to others. At age 15, I lost my hair, lashes and brows. I was told it was from the shock of losing a loved one. Now, 28 years later, I have learned that it is a condition known as alopecia. I have chosen the Make a Wish Foundation as my charity because it helps grant wish experiences and helps big dreams come true. ​
Marina T
One Woman Can™ be …INSPIRING

This makeover has changed not only the way I look but also the way I feel about myself. An inspiring woman can motivate and influence others in a positive way. I'm very blessed to be living in the U.S.A. and able to make changes and to be heard. I feel strongly about contributing to an organization that helps abused and battered women and children.​
Amber C
One Woman Can™ be …EMPOWERED

I chose "empowered" because I am a survivor of childhood rape. I tried for years to lose my femininity and not to call attention to myself. After seeing my rapist brought to justice, I am now free of the emotional bondage I was under. With the help of Mary Kay, my outer beauty now matches my inner beauty. ​
Watch the One Woman Can Video
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