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Get Your True Clean.

Still cleansing by hand? There’s a lot you’re missing! Like makeup, dirt and impurities. This lightweight, two-speed power brush gently massages as it thoroughly cleans skin, removing residue, dirt and makeup in seconds. In fact, it:

  • Removes makeup 85 percent better than cleansing by hand.*
  • Boosts the absorption of your next skin care step.
  • Starts improving skin’s appearance immediately.
  • Helps polish away the look of past skin damage for a more even-looking complexion.
  • Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Feels like a spa facial treatment with dual-speed rotating action.
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Simple Steps to the Skinvigorate™ Difference

Step 1:
Remove eye makeup. Wet face and Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush.

Step 2: Apply your favorite Mary Kay® cleanser to your face.

Step 3: Select your spin speed.

Step 4: Cleanse and massage skin up to twice daily: Spend 15 seconds on each cheek, 15 seconds on the nose and chin combined, and 15 seconds on the forehead..

Step 5: Rinse your face and brush head with warm, soapy water.

Step 6: Apply your next skin care step.

Power Up Your Skin Care

Using the Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush, simply apply your favorite Mary Kay® cleanser to your face, then cleanse and massage skin up to twice daily. Pick your favorite now.

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All prices are suggested retail.
*Results based on a one-day, controlled clinical study.