Strategic Intelligence Mgr

Job Purpose:

Leads the Global Strategic Intelligence Function within Mary Kay.   Provides forward-looking, trusted, easily accessible and actionable information and insights to Senior Leadership for the purpose of developing strategies that maximize the potential of the Mary Kay brand and opportunity worldwide. Manages all aspects of competitive, intelligence data including internal and external sources, managing contracts, cost information, deep dive analysis projects and make this data easily accessible.


  1. Under direction of Customer Insights & Strategic Intelligence Manager, provides strategic and tactical planning for the strategic intelligence function. Delivers competitive, industry, customized analysis to business leaders to create strategy via timely analysis of key intelligence topics, relevant leanings about competitors, the business environment and global macro trends impacting our business. Leverages a sound understanding of best-practice intelligence practices in the industry and at Mary Kay, Inc.
  2.  Takes the lead in ascertaining intelligence needs and identifies the best approach for implementing strategic processes while considering Mary Kay’s culture and business model.  Manages intelligence initiatives including the development of cross-functional network. Collaborates with others and builds strategic alliances globally; negotiates to build broad based support and/or persuades others in order to create and govern a forum for collaboration among business leaders and storing information on relevant business trends, competitors and relevant industries, key lifestyle and demographic trends, markets and technology pertinent to the company’s business interests. Develops and manages information dissemination to global users of intelligence information, including planning, organizing, managing and executing strategic intelligence projects, identifying resource needs and collaborating with collectors, researchers and content experts.
  3. Lead Strategic Intelligence staff, providing direction and guidance.  Hires and leads team to set department and individual goals, counsel, evaluate and develop direct reports in their roles. Leads team in developing innovative, cost effective, improved research methodologies, processes/forms and tools. 
  4. Works with CI&SI Manager to provide input and actively participate with key organizations such as DSA and WFDSA ensuring that the needs of Mary Kay and its’ overall business strategy is appropriately represented.
  5. Leads monitoring of information or activity related to current and ongoing key intelligence topics and peripheral macro trends that could affect or are relevant to current or future business needs but may not yet be identified as key intelligence topics. Ensures that alerts, early warnings and other communication tools are developed and disseminated.  Gathers and analyzes macro trends from infinite data sources. Determines which sources are viable and with leadership guidance, determines which trends warrant further research and analysis. Synthesizes and filters information to determine what information could impact the Mary Kay business. Develops a concise, supported and well-articulated point of view.  Oversees and develops company intelligence databases and ensures that intelligence on key topics is stored in corporate intelligence databases and is accurate and kept up-to-date.
  6. Responsible for overall verification and presentation of the data with department leadership, including ensuring information is timely and meets established quality standards, that conceptual frameworks are thoroughly tested, that information is validated and the information developed supports the point of view taken. Ensures that work is reviewed by other analysts and/or knowledgeable parties to uncover errors and improve content and that the final presentation is well written, concise and well-documented.


Education:  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in marketing, business, market research, finance or related field; MBA highly preferred or equivalent applicable experience, plus

Experience: 7 years of business experience. 

  1. Must have ability to communicate clearly and interact with leadership, combining high-level analytical skills with an understanding of the business to be able to synthesize large quantities of information into insights which impact the Mary Kay business.
  2. Must be able to build and maintain credibility and open working relationships with all facets of the company.
  3. Must be able to build and maintain strong internal and external network of cross-functional resources. Provides expert counsel and advice in strategic intelligence leveraging services sources of data in large scale projects. 
  4. Must possess strong analytical abilities in order analyze and interpret intelligence data. Experience in wide variety of analytical techniques, such as scenario planning, war gaming, Porter’s 5 forces, STEEP, PESTEL, Blind Spot
  5. Must also possess the resourcefulness necessary to monitor and remain aware of continually emerging intelligence gathering trends, methods and technology. Demonstrated awareness of what information is relevant and how it drives and affects current and future corporate strategies and overall goal(s) is also required.
  6. Must have strong collaborative skills to lead and to influence cross-functional teams across the organization in gathering and analyzing competitive and strategic intelligence.
  7. Must have strong project management skills.
  8. Must have excellent written and oral presentation skills.
  9. Must also lead Strategic Intelligence staff to elevate information gathering, analysis, synthesis and insight skills.
  10. Domestic and international travel is required approximately 15% of time.
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