Forklift Operator II

JOB SUMMARY:   SHIFT: Monday- Friday 2:00pm- 10:30pm                    

Performs all duties required of Forklift Operator I.  Additionally, unloads pallets of inventory from trucks. Labels incoming inventory, breaks down and restacks inventory for secure load and puts away to reserve bulk locations. Resolves inventory discrepancies before submitting receiving logs to inventory control for verification.  Pulls and prepares inventory for backhaul to other facilities.  Replenishes inventory to the pick line and secondary locations as needed.  Performs system generated cycle counts daily. 


  1. Receives merchandise by unloading pallets from trucks.  Stages inventory on the dock in a uniform manner to minimize handling, which creates a smooth flow of traffic.   Verifies inventory part numbers and quantities match Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) report.  Scans ASN, prints inventory labels and pallet ID’s.  Notes variances, reconciles discrepancies, and sends report to Inventory Control.  Ensures all cases are properly labeled with an active bar code facing outward on the pallet.  Ensures each active pallet ID bar code is located in the lower right hand corner of pallet.  Scans the pallet and relocates the inventory to a bulk storage location.
  2. Coordinates intra-company inventory and backhauls, and disseminates information to Inventory Control.  Follows Inventory Control’s direction regarding which product to pull, and verifies that quantities match outbound shipping paperwork.  Ensures load is secure for outbound shipment. 
  3. Utilizes RF and PkMS warehouse management system to access system generated tasks to stock the pick line and secondary warehouse locations.  Locates product in reserve bulk location.  Verifies inventory part number matches system generated request.  Scans location bar code to remove the inventory from bulk storage. Stocks the pick line by scanning the location and the requested number of cases. Opens, prepares, and loads cases into bulk flow racks.  Lifts cases to shoulder level or over head to place product on pallets or bulk rack. Returns remaining inventory to original bulk location or to other bulk location through the suggested put away function.  Performs daily forklift safety checklist.  Performs preventative maintenance on batteries (always wearing necessary safety equipment), including removing and charging battery, watering battery, inspecting battery for exposed wires, and reporting failures to Supervisor.


  1. Job requires a high school education or equivalent, plus 2-3 years warehouse experience in order to understand the operations of a distribution center.  Must be able to perform all duties of Forklift Operator I.
  2. Must be able to learn PkMS terminology/acronyms and understand radio frequency functions to perform tasks. Must be able to learn OSHA standards and be able to demonstrate competency in workplace safety procedures.  Must be able to learn Hazardous Material Shipping regulations as required to perform shipping related functions.
  3. Must be able to perform basic arithmetic as demonstrated by successfully passing a math test including addition, subtraction, simple multiplication, and division required in order to calculate and ensure inventory accuracy.  Must be able to read, understand, and accept system directed work instruction as demonstrated by successfully passing a reading proficiency test in order to verify inventory part numbers and to stock inventory accurately.
  4. Must have the physical stamina to move objects weighing up to 50  pounds in order to categorize merchandise in bulk stock area and fill flow racks with inventory.
2213 Connector Drive
Dallas TX, 75220