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The super mom 

Meet [ the super mom ]

You want to do it all. Because you are a super mom, you want to have the freedom to be there for your family when they need you and still provide the little extras that bring them joy – and that you think they deserve. And when there’s a little money left over, you should be able to treat yourself to something special too.
And the Mary Kay opportunity offers what you need to succeed.

Do it all.  Talk about your business with other moms.  Tailor your schedule. 

The Business of Being You

A job may require you to change yourself to fit its mold and its needs. With the Mary Kay opportunity, you have the freedom to fit your business to your needs, your lifestyle and your natural talents.

Your Life, Your Way

Starting your own business doesn’t have to disrupt your life. It’s as easy as incorporating your new business into your everyday routine to start earning right away! Try these quick tips to kick-start your business in a snap:

  • Talk about your new business with other moms after school.
  • Send a few emails to friends and family to announce your new business.
  • Tailor your work schedule around your everyday errands.

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Get Started

You know you want the right support to help build your new business and your expertise. And with all the latest tech tools and trends, you’ll be in business for yourself but never by yourself!

  • eCatalogs – online and on the go
  • MKeCards® and Beaut-e-News® emails
  • Makeover contest
  • Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover App

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Love the Product, Sell the Product

Mary Kay® products

Selling is as easy as talking about the things you love. There’s a reason you can’t get enough of your favorite Mary Kay® products, so why not share that love with the people around you?

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