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Consumer Privacy Policy  Personal Website Privacy Policy   Independent Beauty Consultant Privacy Policy

At Mary Kay, we understand the importance of privacy. Our most important goal is to protect, collect and use personal information provided to us in the spirit of one of our most important founding principles – the Golden Rule. Your choice with regard to your personal information is important to us and we will use and maintain information only in ways you have allowed. Therefore, we do not trade, sell or lease personal information entrusted to us. This Global Privacy Statement describes how we work to maintain that trust.

We strive to be global and consistent in how we implement privacy. Our privacy policies are designed to comply with the law in each country where we do business and applies to

  1. All individuals who provide personal information, such as Independent Beauty Consultants, consumers, customers, research subjects, business partners, shareholders, job applicants, employees, retirees, and others;
  2. All countries where we operate, even where local regulations do not exist;
  3. All methods of contact such as the Internet, direct mail, telephone and mobile, and for emerging technologies and methods that might be tested.

Mary Kay manages privacy through our Global Privacy Team, representing all geographic regions where we do business and business processes where personal information is collected— such as from Independent Beauty Consultants, consumer promotions, and employee programs. Mary Kay seeks to promote and utilize industry best practices to ensure privacy concerns are addressed and that personal information is protected.

Our privacy practices are consistent with:

  • The European Union Data Protection Directive through the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Program.
  • Fair information practices established by the Organization for Economic CO-operation and Development (OECD)
  • The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) Privacy Framework.
  • Applicable national and state data protection laws.
  • Some country laws require country specific information in a privacy statement. Please click here to read that information for those countries.

We believe that privacy is more than simply complying with country privacy laws. It's also about doing the right thing for the millions of people whose lives we touch every day through the use of their personal information. Our privacy policies are designed to model internationally accepted privacy principles, or fair information practices, such as those established by the European Union (EU) Data Protection Directive and the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Privacy Principles as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Mary Kay has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view our certification page, please visit These principles and how Mary Kay works to apply them are:

Why We Collect Information

Mary Kay collects and uses personal information to provide an incredible business opportunity, fabulous products, and services of superior quality for Independent Beauty Consultants and their customers, consumers of our products and services, employees, and others who may come into contact with Mary Kay. We limit the collection of personal information to what we need to know in order to achieve our goal of providing superior quality, value and opportunities. For example, we use e-mail addresses to send Independent Beauty Consultants, consumers, employees or job applicants information they have requested. Independent Beauty Consultant, consumer and employee feedback on products and services is used to improve those products and services.


We tell individuals what information we collect, how it is used, whether it may be temporarily transferred to others to provide the products or services requested and how to contact the Mary Kay Privacy Team with inquiries. We provide a link to our Privacy Policies on our websites, and provide additional targeted privacy notices to users who may need additional information about different areas on our websites when appropriate.


We offer individuals who provide us information choices about receiving further communications from us. Our emails and newsletters are sent only to those who have asked to receive them from us or when requested to be sent to you by an Independent Beauty Consultant. Our communications tell you how to unsubscribe or “opt-out” of receiving future communications. We may ask individuals if they wish to participate in market research, and then contact them if they give us their permission.


Mary Kay uses technology in order to better serve our Independent Beauty Consultants, consumers, employees, and others. We tell individuals when we use technologies that are privacy related. We do not use internet cookies to collect or store personal information unless we have received your permission or given you notice, depending on the country in which you reside.


Mary Kay takes steps to make sure that the personal information we use is correct. We provide individuals with reasonable access to the personal information they've provided us so that they can review and correct it, or ask us not to use it.


Mary Kay protects personal information under company control by industry standard security practices and measures in order to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration of the information. We limit access to personal information to those who have a business need for such information. We do not keep personal information any longer than necessary to meet the business purpose for which it was collected unless contractual, legal or regulatory reasons require that personal information not be deleted for certain time periods.

Data Transfer

We may transfer personal information to Mary Kay databases in countries other than where it was provided. Our Global Privacy Program requires the same high level of security and protection of personal information in all geographies with procedures and contracts in place to help ensure this is so. Data may be temporarily transferred to a vendor or business partner to provide services for Mary Kay and/or Independent Beauty Consultants. These vendors and business partners are required to protect and manage the personal information to the same high standards as Mary Kay. They cannot use the information for purposes other than to provide the services you, Mary Kay or your Independent Beauty Consultant has requested.


Mary Kay does not intend to collect information from children under the age of 14, or such other age as designated by a country specific law. We ask for age confirmation on our websites before collecting personal information to make sure we do not collect information from children.


Mary Kay expects our employees and partners to maintain the trust placed in us by those who give us personal information. We provide privacy training to employees and highlight the importance of privacy in our worldwide business conduct program. Those who manage personal information complete privacy self-assessments to make sure that personal information is secure and protected. We periodically audit privacy compliance.

Mary Kay privacy policies and data protection practices extend by contract to our supplier and partner relationships. We support industry self-regulation as a flexible means for keeping pace with emerging privacy issues.

For more information or to review Mary Kay’s Consumer Privacy Policy click here.

For information about privacy in connection with your visit to the Personal Web Site of a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, please click here.

For Independent Beauty Consultants who wish to seek further information about privacy, please click here.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us directly. Click here to select your country and be linked to the correct address or e-mail address to use in your specific location, or use the postal address below. Please feel free to use your native language when sending your questions or comments.

Otherwise, you can contact us at this address

Mary Kay Global Privacy Team
16251 Dallas Parkway
Addison, TX 75001 U.S.A.

We are committed to working with you to obtain a fair resolution of any complaint or concern about privacy. We cooperate with country data protection authorities if they believe that a privacy problem has occurred.

We participate in the U.S. Council of Better Business Bureau's (BBB) Accredited Business Program. Further information about this program and its dispute resolution process is available at

Privacy Complaints by European Union Citizens

In compliance with the Safe Harbor Principles, Mary Kay commits to resolve complaints about your privacy and our collection or use of your personal information. European Union citizens with inquiries or complaints regarding this privacy policy should first contact Mary Kay as listed above.

Mary Kay has further committed to refer unresolved privacy complaints under the Safe Harbor Principles to an independent dispute resolution mechanism, the BBB EU Safe Harbor, operated by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. If you do not receive timely acknowledgment of your complaint, or if your complaint is not satisfactorily addressed by Mary Kay, please visit the BBB EU Safe Harbor website at for more information and to file a complaint.


Notification of Policy Changes

Mary Kay will notify you of major content changes to our Global Privacy Statement by outlining and posting the changes along with the new version on this Web Site. See changes as follows

Last updated: July 2012

Online Privacy Statement was initiated in 2004

2006 Update

Provided updated information regarding information security and online privacy.

2012 Update

The 2012 updates are designed to connect privacy compliance efforts in all Mary Kay markets around the world, and to provide consumers, Independent Beauty Consultants, employees and others who may visit our websites with a central location from which they can obtain information about our policies and their rights with regard to personal information. These changes are also intended to make the policies more user friendly and include updates in compliance with changes to laws in many of the countries in which Mary Kay has operations. Specific country related changes can be found by clicking here to locate your country.

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