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Learn all about fragrance

Creating a Wardrobe of Fragrances


You can never have too many shoes – or fragrances! With a Mary Kay® fragrance wardrobe, you can choose your scent to match your mood, occasion and season – just like selecting the outfit and accessories you want to wear each day.

1. Start by building your fragrance wardrobe.

​ Are you feeling:​ Select:​
​Luxurious and Sophisticated Cityscape® Eau de Parfum
Joyful and Radiant Forever Diamonds® Eau de Parfum
Romantic and in Love Thinking of Love® Eau de Parfum​
Connected and Nurturing Thinking of You® Eau de Parfum


2. Add the finishing touches!

  • Apply perfume to pulse points.

The skin is warmer on the pulse points – neck, wrist, bend of arm and back of knee – which helps the fragrance to evolve and provide a better sensory experience.

  • Consider the weather.
  • If it is cold, your fragrance will need to be reapplied every three hours or so. In warmer climates, the scent will last much longer.

  • Experiment!
  • Fragrance is a form of self-expression: It can match your mood or set a whole new tone. Try a variety of scents for different occasions and moods.

  • Apply body lotion before your fragrance.
  • Fragrance will last longer on skin that is well-moisturized. Applying a body lotion after you shower will help your scent last much longer.

  • Everyone deserves a diverse fragrance wardrobe.
  • Fragrance is often considered a luxury item that many of your loved ones may not consider buying for themselves. You can treat them to a pampering gift and help them build a fragrance wardrobe of their own for every mood and occasion!

With a Mary Kay® fragrance wardrobe, you can choose your scent to match your mood, occasion and season.


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