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Learn now to pick the perfect eye color for you.


Eye Color and Eye Makeup

Coordinating your eye makeup based on your eye color can really emphasize your eyes.

For Green Eyes

Light neutral browns, creams, vibrant purples.
130816 130821
130829 130521

For Brown Eyes

Neutral browns, creams, rich chocolates, pops of blues and purples.
130815 138068
130820 130521

For Blue Eyes

Rich, deep browns, neutral pinks, and creams.
130827 130815
130806 130521

For Hazel Eyes

Grays, Reddish browns, Light neutrals, Greens, Lavenders.
130816 130815

Pick Your Eye Color Formula

1. Mineral Eye Color has skin-loving benefits and is versatile: It can be worn alone, as an eyeliner, or combined with cream eye color. It’s long-lasting, fade- and crease-resistant, and contains antioxidants.

2. Cream Eye Color is long-wearing (for up to 10 hours), waterproof and can be worn alone or as a primer with mineral eye color. Its lightweight formula makes it easy to wear and is great for new makeup users.

All prices are suggested retail.

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