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Facial Highlighting Pen and Concealer

Perfect your flawless face to appear its most youthful. Start by lifting away shadows and concealing imperfections.

Expert Extra: Facial Highlighting Pen vs. Concealer 

Expert Extra: Facial Highlighting Pen vs. Concealer

A highlighting pen illuminates or draws an area or feature forward on the face. Concealer is best for covering scars and blemishes.

Apply the Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen to shadowy areas of the face, then blend with your finger or a sponge to help your face look brighter and instantly more radiant.

For shadowy areas, apply to inner corners of eyes, outer edge of the nose and under the lower lip.

For puffy eyes, apply just below the puffy area, only highlighting the shadow under the puffiness (not the puffy area) to “lift” it and make the area appear more flat. Then use your ring finger to lightly pat the edges to blend. See diagram.




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