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Get a stained lip look from Mary Kay.

The Stained Lip Look

Whether you’re new to lip color or just looking for a subdued lip look, a stained lip is what you need.

1. Apply clear lip liner to entire lip.

2. Mix a bit of lipstick (dark reds and berries work best) with a tiny bit of lip balm, like Satin Lips® Lip Balm. You can use the back of your hand if you don’t have a makeup palette.

3. Pat the combination onto your lips with your fingers.

4. Blot lips with a tissue.

5. Repeat one or two more applications of lip color. The more you layer, the longer your stained lip will last.

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From Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco

From Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco  

“To ease into color, I would recommend using stains or a brighter gloss. Remember to wear it with a neutral and not too dark eye look.” - Luis Casco, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist

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