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Makeup Artist Looks: Five-Minute Face Look

Less time doesn’t have to mean less fabulous. Five minutes is all you need to look and feel put together. Try this look created by Global Makeup Artist Shawnelle Prestidge.Watch Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Shawnelle Prestidge create her Five-Minute Look.

Expert Tip: More Ways to Wear This Look

Expert Tip: More Ways to Wear This Look

If you have 10 minutes: Apply eyeliner and add a second shade of mineral eye color to the eye crease.
If you have 15 minutes: Swap out your regular eyeliner for liquid eyeliner. Use a voluminous mascara formula and apply two more coats for added eye emphasis. Add lip gloss. Try Icicle or Mango Tango.

Apply Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen to the shadowy areas on the face in a shade that matches your skin tone. Dab on concealer where needed. Apply Mary Kay® Creme-to-Powder Foundation just to the areas that need extra coverage.

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Sweep on Chocolate Kiss mineral eye color to the entire eyelids, from lashlines to the brow bones. Finish with a coat of Mary Kay® Lash Love® Mascara in I ♥ black.

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Dust Shy Blush mineral cheek color on the apples of the cheeks.


Apply Neutral lip liner along the natural lip lines. Then, sweep on Sunny Citrus creme lipstick.

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Meet Shawnelle Prestidge

As a top name in makeup for fashion and beauty houses around the world, Shawnelle’s experiences with trend forecasting, product development, training and education make her a valuable member of the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team.

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