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Learn how Mary Kay® Eyeliner can help you create an everyday look or a more dramatic look.

Three Ways to Line Eyes:

Beauty Extra: Vanishing Lid Application

Beauty Extra: Vanishing Lid Application

For eyes with a vanishing lid, common in Asian women, apply a lighter shade of eyeliner or eye color to the lower lashlines to help eyes appear more open.

Thick or thin line, casual or glam – it’s all about the eye look you want to express!

Pencil = Defined Line

Pencils create a defined line so you have flexibility to draw a thick or thin line. They also have intense color pigment so the color will be rich when applied.


Gel = Dramatic Line

For precise lining that can be more dramatic, gel eyeliner is an easy way to achieve the look you want. You can add a winged tip on the edge by gently ticking up the line at the outer edge.


Mineral Eye Color = Blended Line

Using the Mary Kay® Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush, you can apply any shade of mineral eye color as eyeliner. You also can blend mineral eye colors over other eyeliner formulas to create rich effects or new color creations. When using along lower lashlines, diffuse color with the Mary Kay® Eye Smudger Brush for a softer look.

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Easy Eyeliner Application

Draw a line across the lashlines (upper or lower) in the thickness desired. An easy way to do this is to draw short interconnecting lines across the lashlines instead of one continuous line. Then you can connect or blend the lines with the Mary Kay® Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush, Mary Kay® Eye Smudger Brush, a sponge-tip applicator or your finger. To create a thicker line, simply repeat this process.

Get this easy eyeliner application tip.
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