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Advice on choosing the perfect lip product and shade from Mary Kay.

Feel Good.  Look Good.

Lipstick and lip gloss are probably the products women feel the most comfortable with because lip color is a fun, quick pick-me-up!

Naturally Beautiful
Subtle lip colors in the neutral category can create a beautiful, understated look.
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Berry Bold
Expand your palette with fresh Berries. Lighter shades punch up color during the day. Darker berries vamp up the night..
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Red Hot
Feeling glamorous, confident and even a little daring? Pull out the stops and go with red!
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Feminine and flirty, Pinks are all about girl power in a grown-up way.
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Kinda Indulgent
Indulge in Chocolates.  Rich and warm, a delicious brown shade can go from business meeting to party time beautifully!
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Awesomely Upbeat
The vivid hue is an instant mood-lifter that will have you crushing on orange.
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