Dear Business Partners

Mary Kay is introducing a transportation management system (TMS) that will help us to become more agile, and to ensure that our business partners understand the importance of our commitment to a lean and efficient supply chain.

All day-to-day transportation operations will migrate to Manhattan Associates’ transportation management system (TMS). The TMS will transform and centralize emailed tasks, including freight tender handling, freight tracking, document exchange and retention, and management of in-transit inventory. 

Business Partner and Mary Kay Inc. benefits of the TMS implementation:

  • Leverage technology to transact shipping processes
  • Optimize inbound and outbound freight logistics, including freight mode, chartered routes, and costs
  • Shipping document and incoterm compliance
  • Real-time tracking and visibility of units shipped, allowing for streamlined tracing, reporting, and billing processes.

We have created this page to centralize the training materials and instructions for our Partners. Please, study the materials before you start using the system. In case of unresolved questions or issues please contact: if you are a Carrier or a Freight Forwarder if you are a Mary Kay Vendor

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TMS Vendor Resources

How to Login and Basic Navigation
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How to Search for Purchase Orders to Create the RTS
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Ready to Ship (RTS) Process
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How to Create the BOL
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How to Add Users to the Vendor Portal
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How to Edit an RTS
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Volume calculator

Vendor FAQs

Vendor Portal Training Recording
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Vendor Data Template

TMS Carrier Resources


How to Navigate the Carrier Portal
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How to Find Web Offers and Web Tenders
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How to Accept or Decline Web Offers and Tenders
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How to Enter Tracking Information
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Carrier FAQs