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The Best Times to Reach Me

Text 24/7 mon-sat 9-9 in person. Web 24/7

Languages I Speak

English, Spanish

How I bring beauty to you

As my Preferred Client, you can expect speedy service, one-on-one or party with friends ! Don't forget makeup tips and more. I know you may not know all the parties I offer, here a few; Glam Slam, Eyes only, Contouring Clinic, Ultimate Spa chocolate Facials, Girl Time, Face and Eye Lifts, Web Party and more

My Favorite Best-Selling Product

TimeWise Repair® Set

The most important mile in our business walk is the ‘extra mile,’ the one called service. Mary Kay Ash

My Specialties

  • Bridal Looks
  • On-trend Looks
  • Skin Care Solutions
  • Age Fighting Skin Care
  • Looks for your Lifestyle
  • Corporate Gifts

Delivery Options

  • Mail
  • Pick Up
  • Work Delivery