Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer

.25 fl. oz.


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Nail lacquer glides on precisely and flawlessly with luminous color that doesn’t fade.

  • Applies silky smooth and evenly.
  • Does not streak during application.
  • Provides an instant satin finish.
  • Nails look healthy after color is removed.

NOTE: In electronic media, true colors may vary.

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Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer

The season’s trend comes alive in nail lacquer shades inspired by metropolitan art galleries, classic accessories and glamorous city landscapes. Nail lacquer provides a durable, scratch-resistant finish that helps protect and strengthen nails. NEW limited-edition Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer is part of the limited-edition Mary Kay® City Modern Collection – fall’s must-have makeup that expresses the elegant and sophisticated mood of the season.