At Mary Kay we enable personal growth and financial fulfillment for those whose lives we touch around the world.

  • Worldwide, 3.5 million individuals are taking advantage of the direct sales business model by being Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. 
  • With flexible hours, a clearly defined business plan and an open-ended opportunity to achieve personal growth and financial success, a Mary Kay business is the ideal choice for individuals of all backgrounds.
  • Starting a Mary Kay independent business costs as little as $100 in the U.S. (plus tax and shipping) for a Mary Kay® Starter Kit which includes educational materials. 
  • Throughout the company’s 51-year history, more than 600 independent sales force members worldwide have risen to become Independent National Sales Directors, the pinnacle of achievement in the independent sales force.
  • Currently, some 1,400 independent sales force members in the United States have earned the privilege to drive a Mary Kay pink Cadillac.
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