Mary Kay strives to preserve our precious and limited resources for future generations.

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“I feel very strongly that we must do everything in our power to save our planet or our grandchildren will not have a place to live. Let me emphasize that Mary Kay is an environmental leader because we strongly feel it is the right thing to do.”

– Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay’s global manufacturing facility in Dallas is leading the way in waste reduction. This facility has achieved status as a zero-landfill site and water consumption has decreased by more than 20 percent.

Mary Kay distribution centers both in the United States and China ship orders using packing materials made from renewable corn and potato starch (biopeanuts), which are 100 percent biodegradable. We’re working to reduce our carbon footprint, with four facilities powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Mary Kay is one of the first companies to implement extensive recycling programs that now include product-line packaging, paper, plastic, corrugated cardboard, ink cartridges, old cell phones and aluminum. And many Mary Kay product inserts are printed on paper with a minimum of 20 percent recycled content.

The Mary Kay® Botanical Effects® skin care line was developed with the environment in mind. Product tubes are made from 50 percent post-consumer resin, using lightweight caps, and the cartons are made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials.

At our global headquarters in the United States, Mary Kay encourages the independent sales force to return their recyclable color refill cases and flip-top caps – and for every 10 received, we plant one tree with support from the U.S. Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation®. To participate, send your empty Mary Kay® flip top caps and color refill cases to:

Mary Kay Inc.
MFG Recycling Operations 
1330 Regal Row 
Dallas, TX 75247


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Mary Kay Inc. has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Keep America Beautiful.
 Learn more about Mary Kay’s tree-planting initiatives around the world.