Mary Kay® Eyeliner

.01 oz.


This product is not currently available online. Contact your Independent Beauty Consultant to check availability.

This product is not currently available online. Contact your Independent Beauty Consultant to check availability.

Get beautiful, well-defined eyes with Mary Kay® Eyeliner.

  • Fantastic formula you’re sure to love.
  • Retractable pencil with built-in shaper helps you line the way you like.
  • Formulated with ingredients designed to provide a soft feel and enhanced glide while maintaining wear.
  • Treated pigments are included to help color last.
  • Contains antioxidants to help fight free radicals.

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  • Overview
  • Application Tips
  • Key Ingredients

Mary Kay® Eyeliner

Define eyes with this must-have eyeliner. It’s expertly formulated with ingredients to provide a smooth application. Color gives depth to lashes and enhances the eyes for a more radiant look. You can line eyes with a hint of color, create a smoky eye or go for a full artistic, multihue effect. Mary Kay® Eyeliner includes treated pigments to help color last, and it’s perfect for your nonstop, on-the-go day!

Application Tips

To line eyes:

To create a perfect thin line, start at the inner corners of the outside edge of the lashlines, drawing short, interconnecting lines.

For thicker lines, draw over the lines a second time, adding slight pressure. Smudge with the Mary Kay® Eye Smudger Brush to soften.

For a dramatic cat eye effect, extend the lines outward and upward from the outer edge of the eyes.

For artistic, multihued eyes: Use the angled, flat brush of the Mary Kay® Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush to apply any shade of Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Eye Shadow as eyeliner, then apply Mary Kay® Eyeliner and blend. For lower lashlines, soften the look with the Mary Kay® Eye Smudger Brush.

To shape eyeliner:

Remove shaper cap from the end of the pencil cap.

Holding the shaper cap in your dominant hand, grasp the pencil near the end of the tip and insert into the shaper.

Carefully twist the shaper cap in a gentle back-and-forth motion to shape the tip of the lead.

Key Ingredients

  • Cornflower extract – cornflower is known for its soothing properties and for helping reduce irritation.
  • Soybean oil – for skin-conditioning benefits.