Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer

.25 fl. oz.


This product is not currently available online. Contact your Independent Beauty Consultant to check availability.

Long-wearing, high-shine finish limited-edition Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer plays a dramatic role in this season’s fashion trend.

  • Part of the limited-edition Hollywood Mystique Collection.
  • Features the latest on-trend colors inspired by vintage Hollywood but with a modern twist.
  • Makes a great gift for your fashion-forward friends and family.
  • Color glides on easily and precisely for a smooth look.

†Available while supplies last

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  • Overview
  • Application Tips

NEW limited-edition Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer is part of the NEW limited-edition Hollywood Mystique Collection. Bring out your inner starlet with this glamorous collection. Pair high-impact lips and nails with well-defined eyes in feminine neutrals for a simple-but-chic interpretation of starlet style that’s easy to do at home.

†Available while supplies last

Application Tips

Nail color three ways

Two-Toned: Apply nail lacquer in one shade over entire nail and just the tips in a second shade for a fun, two-toned look.

Fun Tips: Apply nail lacquer to just the tips for a funky French manicure.

Stiletto Tips: For a twist on tips, apply nail lacquer at an angle to create the illusion of a stiletto-pointed tip. Start just below the outside edge of the tip and swipe the brush upward at an angle toward the center. Repeat on the other side.

†Available while supplies last