Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Shea Hand Soap

6.5 oz.


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Wash up without drying out! Treat your hands to new Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Shea Hand Soap, blended with moisturizing, nourishing shea butter.

Fans everywhere already love the Satin Hands® Pampering Set – now you can add the treat-yourself clean of Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Shea Hand Soap:

  • Leaves hands thoroughly cleansed and purified.
  • Does not leave hands overly dry.
  • Blended with nourishing, luscious shea butter.
  • Surrounds hands in a soft, comforting lather.
  • Fragrance-free.

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Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Shea Hand Soap

Now you can actually enjoy those 20 seconds of hand-washing! Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Shea Hand Soap is a gentle hand wash, formulated with nourishing shea butter, so you can enjoy the washing up without the drying out.

After wetting hands, apply a pump of Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Shea Hand Soap. Softly rub palms together continuously for 20 seconds, creating a lather that wraps around fronts and backs of hands, between fingers and under nails. Rinse, and enjoy thoroughly cleansed, purified hands! And for extra pampering, Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Nourishing Shea Cream is the perfect complement after washing.

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter

The shea tree is rooted in the depths of the West African savannah. Towering 60 feet tall, it lives for hundreds of years. It is here, among this ancient wilderness, that local women congregate to gather shea nuts, which are then ground and roasted to ultimately produce precious, soothing shea butter.

Used for centuries to protect, enrich and soften skin, shea butter is known to contain omega-3s. Omega-3s are known to help maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier, and when skin’s barrier is protected, precious moisture is less likely to escape.