Mary Kay® Clear Brow Styling Gel

.12 oz.


Get the laminated brow look at home with the extreme hold of this clear brow gel formula. Lift, tame and sculpt brows to achieve your ideal style without the salon commitment. The lightweight formula helps control and define your brows without any uncomfortable residue, while the included mini brush allows you to tame and shape. No matter what brow look you like — from fluffy and feathered to groomed and sleek — you can change it up from day to day.
Add this easy-to-use eyebrow gel to your portfolio and use it to:
  1. Prep before adding brow liner or pencil;
  2. Set after creating hair-like strokes with brow liner or pencil;
  3. Enhance your natural brows with a solo application.

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  • Overview
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Mary Kay® Clear Brow Styling Gel

Control and define your brows with the lightweight formula of this clear brow gel. Formulated with panthenol to help condition hair, this eyebrow gel sculpts with extreme hold and dries clear without any residue. Need help finding your best brow look? Whether you want a feathered, sleek or laminated look, your Independent Beauty Consultant can help you find the perfect solution.

Formula Attributes
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
Application Tips

Mary Kay® Clear Brow Styling Gel can be used multiple ways:

PREP: Use before applying other brow liner or pencil products to prep brows.
SET: Use after applying brow liner or pencil products to set brows for the day.
SOLO: This product can also be worn solo for a natural, effortless look.